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Nucleus seed of the following varieties of crops is produced in limited quantities at NIAB.

Cotton: NIAB-999, NIAB-111
Rice: Kashmir Basmati, Niab-Irri-9
Mungbean: NM-92, NM-98, NIAB MUNG 2006
Chickpea (Gram) CM-98, CM-2000
Lentil (Masoor) NIAB MASOOR 2002, NIAB MASOOR 2006

In addition to above mentioned commercial varieties, seed of advanced lines of cotton, rice, mungbean, chickpea and lentil is also available for research purposes

The vaccine is available throughout Pakistan. M/S Abbasi Associates, Faisalabad(Phone: 041-2560093, Fax: 041-2560037) are the sole distributors in Pakistan. For further information on the product and distribution, Director, NIAB may be contacted.

NIAB Feed Blocks are provided on request. For further information, Director, NIAB may be contacted.